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    I was raised like most in a C of E daily prayer in assembly, soft c christian school environment but my parents weren't religious. None of the school stuff rubbed off on me. I was once staunchly atheist and mocking of all those I saw as weak-minded enough to need the crutch of religion to get them through life. As I get older, knowing the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything seems less important. I don't care what anyone else thinks it is, as long as that belief doesn't impact on other people's lives in a negative manner.

    People with strong religious beliefs are often the only people willing to act right now to improve the lives of others, in many ways. My step-mum does loads of volunteer work as part of her duty as a Christian to help the needy. She mentors single mums, helps them to learn to budget and stuff. She doesn't mind if the people she tries to helps don't share her religious convictions. She doesn't mind that my Dad is an atheist. She doesn't judge others.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to church for a sermon by a friend of mine from work who is training as a preacher. I'm there to help him practice, as an neutral observer of his speaking skills. I've never been to a regular church service before, only weddings, Christmas stuff and memorials. Anyway, he's spent the last couple of years fundraising to fund a team for a mission to Haiti - they went out in the summer to help people rebuild their lives. I don't know any atheists willing to volunteer their free time for stuff like this.

    Tldr: Having a Faith is not necessarily a negative character trait to my mind. It's often a very positive one. Also unsure why people feel they need to judge others so harshly over something no-one knows the answer to for sure.;)

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