#9290027, By wayneh What religion are you?

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    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    I agree, but I'd broaden 'religion' to 'common ideology'.
    I wouldn't as common idealogy doesn't in itself lead to conflict more just disagreement.
    Religion although a great force for the common good is also a great force in dividing people and causing conflict. It seems to me Islam is going through the same stages as Christianity did a few hundred years ago but it's in a modern technological world, where people have access to lot's of information and the dark clouds of uncertainty and superstitions no longer hold the same sway.
    My biggest gripe with religion is the way that all religions assume their's is the right one and no other religion has a place in the world. Why can't they just accept that there are other religions and people have a right to choose their own beliefs?
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