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    SomaticSense wrote:
    There was a patch put up recently, and not the same one I complained about at the top of the page. 45 mins on a 20gb connection off-peak time. Crazy. I have utmost sympathy for anyoine buying the game now only to be greeted with a prompt to d/l all the patches together.

    And all it was fixing was the duping glitch, and to stop people repeatedly killing the same Item General/God/King by Gencying out. A 3gig patch for that. Seriously? It must've been one hell of a game-code domino effect those changes caused for the need for a 3gb file.
    Pretty sure the patch also included DLC that you would then have to buy to 'unlock'. Some of which isn't released yet.

    Very poor, but I forgive the game for being so good.
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