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    I really am well impressed with it. More so the more I play it.

    The combat has tons of depth, whereas everyone was slating NT for assuming they'd only dumb it down. In fact, it feels more complicated and in-depth than I remember DMC3 being, although it has been a few years and many playthroughs of Bayonetta and NG since so my recollection may be a hazy on that (the DMC HD collection is looking mighty tempting though...). It's still unmistakably DMC in it's gameplay yet has had a lot of freshness added to it as well which brings it bang up to date.

    But on the whole regardless of the franchise it belongs to, it just feels amazing to play and gives massive freedom with regards to combos and showing off your style.

    I was a huge Bayonetta convert, and DMC4 felt so poor in relation to both that and DMC3. But this is DMC bang on form again, although there's no way I'll compare it to DMC3 yet until I've played the full game. What it does seem to be on the basis of the demo, is a DMC game with a typically great combat system, but with the adrenaline ratcheted right up in what were before the 'walk down quiet castle corridor' sections. Ie, a current gen DMC game at last!
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