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    Honestly, if there are Devil May Cry fans out there who scoff at what Ninja Theory is doing here, after playing the demo... Well they can fuck off.

    If the demo is any indication then this game WILL be awesome.

    It's got everything. Quality graphics and sound, eye bending visual style/effects and, most important of all, a completely killer combat system.

    The Angel/Demon weapons being tied to the triggers affords a great deal of combo potential and playing through the "Under Watch" mission on the various difficulties... Well there's just a ton of depth here with regard to the combat.

    Sold. Big time.

    EDIT - Have you guys found all the items yet/managed to achieve a SSS rating on the Son of Sparda difficulty? Also... Where is the shop? The demo tracks your Upgrade points and tells you to visit a shop to spend them. But it doesn't tell you where, and the demo press release hints are there being some "secrets" in here. I'm assuming the shop is hidden away somewhere?

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