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    King_Edward wrote:
    jack24 wrote:
    Go to neogaf for many examples of the non converted. Baring in mind these people seem to hold 4 in high regard aswell.
    That's because 4 was an excellent game, with a great combat system put to excellent use on excellently designed enemies, in some excellently designed areas.
    It wasn't remotely a bad game, but it still felt like a regression of DMC3 and got utterly spanked by the then genre rival of the time, Bayonetta. Hence why Capcom felt they needed to do something drastic with the franchise, whether it was really needed or not. This feels much closer to the classic DMC feel than DMC4 did, while at the same time adding the current gen bells and whistles that made Bayonetta feel so fresh. This feels closer to where the franchise should have gone with DMC4.

    Anyway. Just play the demo and form your own opinion.

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