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    Ninja Theory game. I called it several pages ago.

    Tried it. Still a Ninja Theory game.

    Its not quite the travesty that is Ninja Gaiden 3 but its still piss poor compared to the previous games. The combat is far too simplistic for my tastes and there's a tad too much hand holding considering the series's heritage.

    That Capcom handed it over to Ninja Theory clearly shows their aim for the series is a more relaxed gaming audience who aren't going to pore through the combo screen to refine their combos. Oh well, another loss. :/

    Btw, it is laughable that I can land SS combos in five hits. Its just....insulting.

    I don't understand Ninja Theory. Good stories (for games), they take care of presentation, graphics, music, voice acting (Gold star in this category), animation, etc. all the peripheral stuff basically. But their actual games are just....fluff.

    Heavenly Sword

    All of them. Its like they want to make movies but don't have the budget so they make games, so to speak.

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