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    There is a MASSIVE gap though, between an SSS and the top.

    I see comments on youtube videos which show SSS achieved with just a few moves. Ill comment, to say it doesnt amount to much on the overall tally. People jump on me about items and level completion.

    Top ranked Xbox player right now has 51 million on mission 1. The 99th ranked player has 20 million.

    They both have SSS. They both have 100% completion. The difference is that the top guy has almost three times the number of style points.

    You dont get that easily. That takes madskillz. And I get the impression that the ones slamming the combat on videos and forums dont actually have anywhere near the mastery that these guys/girls are displaying. Which, I feel, makes the arguments pretty baseless.

    There's plenty of depth here, for those who genuinely want to dig in.
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