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    Gearskin wrote:

    Im going to play this through SoS to unlock DmD, but I dont expect to reach the end.

    Technicals aside, I absolutely love what Ninja Theory did with the story and characters. To the point that I wanted more cutscenes.

    They have to follow this up with a sequel, surely that is on the cards??? They wouldnt take all this flak and make all this effort to stop now, surely?
    It's not a sadism thing. But as someone who spent a lot of time with NGB, NG2, Bayonetta, Vanquish, God Hand and DMC 3/4 this one lacks a bit of that final oomph. Not to mention various beat'em ups.

    Having said that, I'm still amazed this is a ninja theory game. On repeated play SSS is definitely challenging enough but getting to S is definitely way too easy. While the games I mentioned had steeper learning curves, those curves never plateaued out really. DmC offers no resistance till you start pushing for regular SS+ scores so the combat feels a bit wonky in that sense.

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