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    It's really infuriating hearing people say Devil May Cry needed to be rebooted. The fourth one was the best selling game
    It's equally infuriating when people use DMC4's sales as a reason to say that it shouldn't have been. DMC4 sold 190k more copies than the original, despite being released on three platforms and coming out after the franchise had had seven years to build up a fanbase. That is not a success, especially when 2 and 3 sold far less than the original in-between.
    DMC 4's 2.6 million sales don't include PC sales and it sold double what the previous game in the series did despite the PS2's user base in early 2005 being higher than the combined user PS3/360 base in early 2008. Sales-wise, it was a huge return to form for the franchise. Capcom only expects DmC to sell 2 million, and time will tell how accurate that estimate was.

    And unless Dragon's Dogma had some amazing resurgence six months after it came out, it only sold half as much as DMC 4 despite having far more time and resources pumped into it.

    Finally, DMC 4's MetaCritic average is two points lower than DmC despite being lucky enough that Rev3's 3/5 review is still not on there. If it got mixed reviews, then so did DmC.

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