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    Considering the original DMC was initially going to be a Resident Evil game, and was only created to showcase the new PS2. Considering the story was an nonsensical after thought, laughably bad even by Japanese standards. Considering DMC2 was terrible, DMC3 was merely OK and DMC4 suffered from having to go through every area twice in a lame padding exercise. Considering the only reason these games are worthwhile is the combat system...

    Considering all that, it makes me laugh how offended people are getting about DmC. A good to great reboot of a poor-selling arguably over-rated, dead in the water franchise.
    DMC3 was amazing, but you are spot on with the rest ;)

    People seem to have forgotten that just a few years ago the last 'true' sequel got it's arse royally pounded by Bayonetta. A game which it was what DMC creator Kamiya saw was the next step for the genre. Capcom had to do something drastic with the franchise or it was at huge risk of dying.

    And what we've ended up with is a more story-focused DMC game, with less back-tracking, gorgeous and imaginative environment design, a couple of ingenious and genuinely exciting set-pieces, and a fluid combat system bettered by no other non-Kamiya birthed game in this genre (and which is far closer to the roots of the franchise than anyone was expecting).

    For starters, how the hell does a game like that deserve such idiotic criticism? And secondly, the franchise could well have died such was the spanking by the Umbra Witch, but instead we have a potential GotY based on quality alone and one of the best of the genre, ever.
    Ninja gaiden black, ninja gaiden 2, dmc3, dmc4, god hand, vanquish, demons souls, dark souls are all games with superior combat systems and crucially, considerably more challenging games. It's nowhere near to being one of the best of the genre ever. It is however surprisingly good and for once actually feels like a proper game considering its ninja theory. The colour coded enemies are grating though, not sure why they're in the game at all. It's like they want to punish the player for no reason whatsoever. Argh!

    I'll have a better feel of the game on the harder difficulties but i'm worried it'll be a simple case of more enemies with more hp and not much else. Can someone confirm it's not simply a case of repeating the same moves on normal and whittling them down? And is that telltale glint gone from the monsters as they attack? And are the colour coded monsters there as well?

    Its the first time a ninjantheory game hasn't made me claw my gaming self out and I even kinda like it. But personally I don't think it's gonna do as well as the two previous games in the series simply because it feels like one step above a by the numbers 3rd person hack and slash but lacking that final thing to make it special. It sure is purdy though.

    Ultimately it boils down to the combat and this dmc feels good but not as instinctive as the games I listed above. Another observation is that it feels a lot more forgiving whereas the games I listed punished you hard for a mistake. This is a personal preference but I prefer the latter approach.
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