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    Dave_McCoy wrote:
    Hah, I think you forgot the specifics of it. Lillith doesn't 'willingly let herself get swallowed by a baby-faced cancer frog', that's Mundus' spawn and is part of her. It's the demon's child and she's using it to protect her. Not really a cancer frog, not even sure where the cancer reference is from...but still.
    Because it looks like a tumescent frog. I know what it supposedly is in the story, it is just ridiculous and dumb, so I described it the way it comes across. I just played that part last night. (It's Tuesday morning in Japan right now. The game came out on Thursday, I bought it on Saturday.) This game's story reminds me of something like The Anatomy of Hell.

    Come on, your hate of it is a little embarrassing.
    I think there is a grand total of one post in this thread by me before this game got released. Everything else is what I've thought after I started playing it. It's entirely possible to criticize this game and not like it without being a raging, drooling fanboy. In fact, I think some people who are reacting at that segment may be doing so because they themselves have done something similar in the past and are having an "Oh shit" moment of realizing their stupidity and covering it up by making these generalizations about the fan base. I can't be sure, but it comes off that way to me.

    If you're willing to humor me for long enough, let me tell you a story about fan expectations. In my time on this forum, I have defended Fallout 3 and Bethesda, the Prime series (though I don't even like Metroid), various Final Fantasy sequels, Telltale's Monkey Island games and Wind Waker, all games that got shitstorm reactions from fans about changes to their franchises. If you were to follow my posts on my forum throughout the years, you'd see time and again, how I moaned about how people need to keep a more open mind about sequels if you want new things and innovation, especially with the reality of how expensive games are to make. I argued that who owns the creative soul of a series is too murky of an issue to claim, "This is not [insert franchise here]." and that language like "So-and-so developer have betrayed their fans." is ludicrous. I used to recommend Maximo to people who liked Ghouls & Ghosts because I thought it was actually better than the old school classics that inspired it and that was another series Capcom farmed out to a western developer.

    I can point you to two times in the last ten years that I thought a sequel was a disgrace to the franchise name. One time was with the Leisure Suit Larry games like Magna Cum Laude, which were hideous and mean-spirited, awful and tacky non-games from hell compared to the clever point and click adventures of the past. I'm not alone; nobody likes these games. I think this is the first time I've ever written anything about how disappointing that was at an attempt at restarting a franchise.

    The second time was with Final Fantasy X-2. I decided not to play it because I loved the ending of the first game and even playing with the idea of resurrecting a dead character went so far against my principles of good storytelling (among other things to be gleaned from the previews) that I just reasoned it wasn't for me and didn't touch it. I've never said anything bad about the actual game, just the concept which was repulsive to me, and have avoided discussion about it because I obviously wouldn't be able to say anything worthwhile.

    Devil May Cry was the first game I ever played on the PlayStation 2. It is the game that most convinced me to get one. It is a special game in my memory. 2, eh I sold. 3 still stands as one of my favorite action games ever. 4 I really liked. If there is another one in the vein of those games I will not cry emo tears into my pillow at night. Unfortunate, but oh well. Just like I'm sure if we're patient enough there will new Mega Man games in the future and getting on Capcom's case about their treatment of Mega Man would be fruitless.

    What is infinitely more infuriating though, is being this kind of person and told that to talk about what it does wrong and the ramifications of that would put me in the same category of people who go on and on because Dante's hair isn't white. This game represents a lot more than simply the experience you get my putting the disc in. A lot of people have a lot of different opinions about many of the issues of cinematic gaming, imagined or real fall of in Japanese console game development, out of control budgets squeezing out more humbly made games, developers chasing those Call of Duty dollars, the way the media carries itself, maturity in handling adult content in games, and the infantile need to prove that games can tell stories as well as other mediums by making them dark and edgy. There is a lot to talk about. The controversy has less to do with Dante being so iconic than it does with it being a perfect storm of controversies that swirl around gaming right now.

    Better than the moves looking a jarring mess.
    Funny that, because certainly not all of them, but quite a few are a jarring mess.

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