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    SomaticSense wrote:

    I wouldn't exactly say the Souls games are quite of the same genre, and Vanquish certainly isn't (nor does it even have a melee combat system besides 'mash melee'). But to my mind only the DMC, Bayonetta, and NG franchises have arguably a more accomplished combat system for the genre.

    And DmCs is at least up there with them. Bemoan the direction of the franchise as much as you want, or the misguided placement of weapon-specific enemies, or the shortage of bosses, but it's surely hard to refute that it has an excellent combat engine.
    Souls and vanquish are absolutely the same genre. Intricate combat systems with varying levels of depth and width to deal with many enemy arrangements and their own combat systems. And they are more accomplished than dmc.

    None of this reflects on dmc's combat system poorly as it does flow smoothly and I can see why ninja theory took certain aspects of it and made it a little more accessible. This isn't a genre that normally attracts a mass crowd so wanting to attract more people is a good thing.

    But those of us who've been playing games of this ilk for a long time...I can see why they feel somewhat upset. Ultimately all games of this kind revolve around the combat and a system that fluctuates between accessible and indepth, it can be somewhat jarring. And that bayonetta, vanquish and dark souls were the last 3 games of this type; so dmc's more accessible approach stands out even more.

    I still kinda like this game though but I don't think it has the long term legs of the previous two games in the series. And my disdain for ninja theory prior to this game makes me even more astonished that I like the game at all so clearly they're doing something right. But people who feel strongly about this will dislike it period so jin's viewpoint is perfectly valid to me as well.

    I froth at the mouth when people mention fps and console in the same sentence. :)

    Edit: IPad's auto correct....#%{^]^*#+#*^>~
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