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    Souls and vanquish are absolutely the same genre. Intricate combat systems with varying levels of depth and width to deal with many enemy arrangements and their own combat systems. And they are more accomplished than dmc.
    DeS and DaS are slow-paced RPGs which focus on teaching patience and stamina management, and Vanquish was a fast-paced third-person cover shooter which happened to have a melee button. You may as well have listed Gears alongside it for all that means. Neither are a fair comparison at all.

    Personally I think Dark Souls has the best all round combat design I've ever experienced, I prefer the purity of it to anything else. But they are not of the same genre. And with regards to Vanquish, well then you might as well have mentioned any game with a melee button as part of it's control scheme. I loved that game too, but intricate?!
    You better believe it.


    See all his challenge runs. Vanquish has arguably the most simple combat mechanics i've ever seen and yet provides a depth of challenge that is mind boggling. And he does it barely using melee or the cover system.

    He removes everything he doesn't need or finds superflous and just sticks to the absolute basics but maxes those moves to the maximum. Only Bayonetta, NGB/2 and DMC1/3 offer that kind of gameplay. If this DmC manages that i'll be impressed.

    Now that i'm here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqPco-Ou1So

    If I could play like these guys i'd die a happy man. :)

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