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    khaz wrote:
    I'm pretty sure this is Ninja Theory's most successful game,it'll get a sequel. If Capcom is anything, its persistent. If they can make the crap that is RE6, the can give this a sequel.

    No to mention its NTs first real game. Sorry but I can't help taking a dig at them. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved barely qualified as games in my book. I'm just amazed they managed so well with this game. God bless you Capcom.
    RE5 was good, if only for co-op and it sold well. This has been complained about since its announcement, most of the threads at GameFAQs are just threads complaining rather than any tips or such.

    Edit: (Also alot of gaming boards bar eurogamer and CVG seem to share the same users, so it maybe the echochamber effect. Maybe.)

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