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    I'm pretty sure this is Ninja Theory's most successful game,it'll get a sequel. If Capcom is anything, its persistent. If they can make the crap that is RE6, the can give this a sequel.

    No to mention its NTs first real game. Sorry but I can't help taking a dig at them. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved barely qualified as games in my book. I'm just amazed they managed so well with this game. God bless you Capcom.

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    First describing being able to spam the same attack over and over as "intricate", and now this?

    This thread has indeed been relatively sensible when compared to the self-entitled idiocy of the net in general over the subject. But your posts are really starting to spoil that balance with comments like that.
    But Enslaved and Heavenly Sword are godawful. :(

    And yes that Vanquish player was spamming but he was doing it with timing and purpose. I strongly doubt I could ever score his times on the challenge runs even if I played exactly like that. The point is that even with that basic "spam" the game is challenging. I'm enjoying this DmC so i'm hoping it'll provide the same level of challenge no matter how I approach it as I play it longer.

    Edit: actually, thinking about it, calling it spam is utterly wrong. Spam by its very definition means you're mashing buttons or repeating moves in the hope of getting lucky somehow. Those Vanquish runs are nothing of the sort. There is nothing lucky about them, if anything he's got everything refined to as fine a degree as possible.

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