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    MVCUK - Sales Projections halved - Fans are to blame.

    Itís potentially a sad end to a tale brought about very much by the fans themselves. Anyone who played Devil May Cry 4 must surely of seen how desperately the IP needed an injection of new ideas and modernisation Ė which is exactly what the skilful Ninja Theory achieved.

    Yet the fans revolted because Capcom dared to reinvent its IP for the 21st century and dared to change the colour of Danteís hair. Itís really very sad.
    Capcom wanted a reboot of DMC. Chased after a new crowd and alienated many old fans with their changes and attitude towards criticism of the redesigns. Capcom fail to make game that attracts as many new fans as wanted so sales are underprojections. Blame fans for not buying game they didn't want.

    From what i've seen the new DmC will have long legs. The PC version seems like a good port and is well recieved. Some people don't like the new combat system but i imagine that's true of each of the previous games and a risk you take when you change things.

    MVC is an industry site so it's bound to take Capcom's side but is it true or did Capcom market DmC badly.

    Anyone who played Devil May Cry 4 must surely of seen how desperately ...
    surely of seen
    surely of seen
    Proofread much.

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