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    nickthegun wrote:
    JinTypeNoir wrote:
    It's not like Devil May Cry 4 was some sort of super nova of great storytelling, definitely not, but it is much worse than that.
    Yeah, its not. I think you left your objectivity at the door.
    I think what Jin is trying to say is that DMC3/4 were so ott and ridiculous it was one of those "so bad its good" situations. I tend to agree with this. It worked in those games favour. See also every other example of good games in this genre where the ridiculous settings are totally offset with the combat. God Hand being the ultimate example of utter ludicrousness.

    I like this DmC but the story/characters are a little po-faced and not silly enough. Ultimately in combat heavy games I tend to forget about the story but its a nice distraction sometimes. DmC lacks that a bit.
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