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    Darth_Flibble wrote:
    And that's entirely down to the fact that prior to DmC, Ninja Theory made shit games
    No, not really
    Yes really. Especially when those games had awful combat systems and practically played themselves. Enslaved in particular. There is an audience for these more relaxed games but i'm not one of them. I practically froth at the mouth infact. :)

    DmC style games only ever attract the more dedicated gamer crowd, hardly the traditional audience for Ninja Theory. This is a good game and deserves to sell but its not going to if you won't market it on its combat merits instead of the whole reboot this, reboot that, new look, reasons why its needed a reboot, blah blah blah. And the combative responsive of some of the press to gamers word of mouth to DmC has clearly not helped either.

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