#6523869, By gunark I r got wordpress site. OMFG!

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    richardtock wrote:
    gunark wrote:
    richardtock wrote:
    I also have a wordpress site called A Blog Of Wonderful Things. It's not been updated for ages cos I ran out of positivity and my grammar and spelling are terrible.

    It's good mate, we always need a dose of cynicism in an irritatingly day-glo media world.

    But it's not supposed to be cynical :( It's supposed to be the exact opposite. Like anti-Brooker.

    Ok well maybe it's realistic, which nowadays can sound cynical without meaning to. No one can be positive about Take Me Out. I take your point though, and not all is like that, like the gardening post. Anyway, as soon as anyone has a caustic word to say about anything (and I go back to Take Me Out, a show you cannot help but revile) you'll be given the Brooker label. I guess it would have been Jack Dee in the 90s or Larry David a few years ago.
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