#6523950, By gunark I r got wordpress site. OMFG!

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    richardtock wrote:

    I quite like your blog, gun. Your personality comes through in your posts, but maybe you need to add more commentary and less linkage in order to differentiate yourself.

    Cheers, that's very kind!

    Actually the links are links to articles and news posts I have written myself for other sites, so it's not just a long list of links, they point to original content from my very mind grapes.

    It was originally set up for linkedin, so when people ask for examples of my previous articles I can point them at the page. I can't put the articles on the page itself as the sites have the copyright so I just link to them with insightful rapier wit, I does. I quite enjoy it now though and there are some 'exclusives' there too.

    My magazine articles have a 3 month exclusivity with Dennis Publishing so they aren't on there yet but come the end of this week I'll be putting one up about getting Freesat HD on your PC and TV for 25(ish). More will follow as their contracts end too.
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