#6528689, By Veracity Sim racers with arcade/fun modes?

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    Have you played Flatout? It's not what you want, since it's not a sim by any stretch, but the cars in it do handle a bit more like cars than in most games of the sort. And it does have a bunch of incredibly stupid stunt events, but those are probably best ignored. Also egregious rubber banding, but you're presumably accustomed to swallowing that if you play any arcade racers.

    I'm not sure I see how realistic police chases would work. I've played a bit of NfS: MW, and that absolutely requires an indestructible player car and shockingly dumb pursuers to enable all the spectacular nonsense it lets you pull off, which seems to be most of its appeal.

    There was an ancient arcade game that was sort of realistic by arcade standards (so, again, not really) that gave you the option of driving fairly staid time trials or semi-plausible stunts. Don't remember what it was called.

    It would probably be a more interesting angle than the "arcade" modes sim developers tend to put in that seem to translate to "all assists on full, easy, very dull". But I think they might be better off just not wasting their time on that at all - they must be nervous of disappearing the way of flight sims, but are they really even selling to the same market?
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