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    I'm in like Flint. I'm loving this years edition, feels like a great advancement from 2K10... Not that happy about the passing lane steals, really struggling with turnovers and gets frustrating at times. Sure it's down to me and getting lazy with passes, but the CPU AI does seem to have eyes in the back of its head. I've tweaked sliders but hasn't made a huge difference.

    I don't think it's that at all. That's just something all the leet Yanks yell whenever anyone complains about it.

    They've pretty much ruined the fast break aspect of the game. Playing as the Grizzlies myself, and I'll have Rudy Gay wide open and charging down the wing, with NO ONE any where near him nor in the passing lane, only for a opposing player to appear from nowhere and make an impossible steal. It happens way too often to the point where it just makes it unrealistic in it's difficulty.

    I've also tried adjusting the sliders to compensate, but the 'Passing Lanes' and all the 'Steals' sliders seem to do naff all. The only thing that seems to work is lowering the AI's 'Defensive Awareness' slider. The problem with that though, is that is lessens the AI's overall defensive awareness as well, making it too easy to score in other ways, so I'm not too keen in doing that.

    The rest of the game is immense though. Makes me sad that the sport isn't bigger in this country as; a) it's by far the most entertaining team sport to watch in the world; and b) this is the best and most realistic depiction of a real-world sport ever made. Seriously, play this for a length of time, and you'll see just how FIFA fans shouldn't really be too happy with what they are getting, as they could (and probably should) be SO much better.

    very true - i love the way each team plays differently and relates to how they play in real life - would be nice if fifa could build this into the game.
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