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    SomaticSense wrote:
    Ah the Real FG%.

    I love the whole idea of that, as it helps prevent some of the stupid scores you get when playing full 12 min quarters (i'm a stat obsessive, if you can't already tell...), but it doesn't seem to take into account whether the player is open or not. For example, a quality shooter like O.J Mayo (another quality name, along with Rudy Gay) seems to miss open shots just as much as really tight contested shots.

    Go into freestyle practice mode with Real FG% on and with jumpshot feedback off, and your player will miss more shots than he hits. Which would be fine in a game situation where your opposing man is in your face and when 40% of successful shot attempts would be fine, but for a professional basketball player on the court on his own and with no pressure?

    Gotta be Real FG% for me, especially because without it you have to learn each player's jumpshot technique. If I'm Ray Allen, I want to be able to hit 3's because he can. I don't want to miss a bucketload just because I can't get the timing right on his jump shot. The same (maybe more so) for FT.

    Missing wide out shots is the biggest problem I have at the moment. As you implied, most NBA players in practice will hit well over 60%, but in games, with pressure, it's more like 40%. So since contested shots seem to have the same chance of going in as open looks, is there any point in trying to get quality shots? Isn't that the whole point of a running a decent offense?

    Anyway, not much I can do about it other than tweak the sliders.
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