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    geeza2020 wrote:
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    I have no intention of ever having children for a few reasons, mainly that I don't want them, generally don't like being around them and I'd be a terrible father. I'm also not sure my family genes should continue as we're all a bit mad.

    It's not for me to judge others though. I might not understand the decision to have children, but I can respect it. Some people I know with kids love it. Others hate it and openly admit they wish they'd never had them. It's clearly not for everyone.
    Luckily mrs thrawn doesn't want children either. We both have similar long term plans for our life together and having children just isn't a part of that.

    I hope they don't tell the kids that. Well, not to their faces anyway.

    Well my dad has said many times if he could do it all again he wouldn't have children. So, I guess that counts :)

    My friends though, no, I'm pretty sure they don't say it in front of their kids. They do it by text ;)
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