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    For anyone struggling with the Moonlight Butterfly, my method was (spoilers ahead!!)to get to the beginning of the area with the massive knights, unequip all your gear and just sprint past them all and up the stairs in the far right corner (after having grabbed all the gear on previous runs). You're not obliged to kill every bad dude. They won't follow you up. Then equip whatever has your best magic defence - I used sorcerers outfit and a greenish shield I picked up early on in the game with 65% magic reduction. Make sure you can roll properly and fast. Get in there and just roll to avoid every attack, wait for it to land and 2 hand it in the face. Two rounds of that and it dropped, first attempt. Well, second attempt but first time I was wearing too much armour to roll.
    After that, use the item that sends you back to the bonfire with all your gear so you don't need to contend with the knights on the way back. Robert's your father's brother!
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