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    Argh! Progressing nicely with my character, defeated a couple of bosses and settling into the areas I'd fully explored whilst creeping fearfully around new ones. Thought I'd take out a black knight I'd been avoiding for a fair while (he was at the top of a tower, didn't like the odds). Hardly easy stuff but not too difficult. I noticed that once I'd gotten to the roof of the tower I could see the red dragon (on the bridge) which I had been using to farm souls (run upstairs, let him breathe fire on everyone, run back down, rinse repeat.

    Realising he was in range I let off a soul arrow just because I could. I was basically testing the waters, wandering how to get the uber sword everyone's been talking about if you shoot off the dragons tail. It was a low powered attack at maximum range though, I doubted if the thing would even react. Imagine my surprise when the dragon not only reacted, but tried to fly. Then imagine my surprise as the dragon failed to take off and instead limply fell from the tower. I heard a distant roar in the base of the valley...Moments later, 10,000 souls were mine. 10,000 of the most depressingly won souls so far. I've lost an easy way to grind souls as well as one of the best weapons in the game, dammit.
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