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    Bombonera wrote:
    This is a bit embarassing guys, but I can't even get past the Undead Burg. There is a section where, after killing a boar, you go down some stairs and end up a wooden bridge. There are Elite Knights in the way and I can't find a way to get past them. They kill me in one hit every time. There's no way to sneak past them that I can see. I'm a level 11 sorcerer if that matters. I'm guessing you need to be about 30 to beat the Elite Knights :(

    Also I'm struggling so much as a Sorcerer that I'm thinking about restarting as a melee oriented build. I find that once my Soul Arrow casts run out (and they run out very quickly as 30 casts isn't much at all), I'm fucked.

    I stuggled here Sunday but cracked it last night, I am a pyro but have hardly used my fire magic yet as it takes so long to cast, usually get battered by the time the animation is done. The elite knights went from impossible to easy, you just block their attacks then counter - they hardly get a hit in now.

    I did get the knight shield first tho by beating the repier knight first with firebombs and fire magic.
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