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    I love Dark Souls, and have been progressing nicely, dying a lot, learning, and am at level 39.

    But I'm stuck in Blighttown. Please help!

    I'm entering from the Valley of Drakes, have been seemingly everywhere I can, got the Fire Keeper Soul, the Crimson Armour etc, but get to a point where I can't get any further down! What do I do?
    I've even turned to FAQS and they seem to not describe this, so I'm probably missing something obvious. Is it something to do with the waterwheels? I've tried jumping on them but just fall and die, and am getting really fucking irritated about spawning way back at Firelink Shrine every time.
    I've also tried going in from the depths, but again seem to hit a dead end when I get to this tentacly HP Lovecraft thing hanging on a wall.
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