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    senso-ji wrote:
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    Thanks Rodriguez.

    And in other news, a hardest of hardcore Dark Souls speed run. Zoiks!

    That is fucking ridiculous. And i'm not just talking about his skills either. Is that what I've got to look forward to? Large areas of darkness where enemies you can't see ambush you in groups? Also, it shows how retardedly good Fire magic/pyromancy is in this game. No way you can deal 400+ damage on enemies with a melee weapon so easily.

    Yep it's pretty easy with a pyromancer, once you have fully upgraded his Pyromancer flame. The game itself actually becomes pretty easy once you have run through it a couple of times, iv'e started out with a Deprived and soloed my way through to Anor Lando with surprising ease.

    Once you get your "need head" around the games mechanics you get one of those eureka moments and suddenly your no longer the frustrated noob but a fully fledged badass warrior from hell...that said i did try NG+ and boy did that have me crying like a girl!

    Hint: If you really want to make the game easier go pyro and upgrade his pyro flame as soon as you can to max, in the swamp in one corner is a corpse with the pyro spell Acid Mist, one you have that Iron Flesh and Great Fireball, the games becomes very easy indeed...still no cakewalk in places though :pl
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