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    How do i upgrade my spells? I know how to buy them but i hear stories about fireball+5 etc

    You mean Pyromancies ? Yep, i'd like to know also...
    I've only managed to upgrade my pyromancer's glove which - fuck if i know - what it does (couldn't judge by the stat screen).Guess it powers up the fire dmg dealt to enemies ?

    Oh yes, FUCK Blight town, i can stand the platform bullshit, i can stand the agro enemies, i can stand the friggin non-existant brightness (even when turned to 10 via the options), i can stand the poison/toxin but that GODDAMN framerate...

    This game seriously needed 5-6 months more in the oven, guess FROM had to bow to their Namco Bandai overlords due to the release date, trully awful stuff lads, while we live in the "release now, patch later" game era, shit like this is inexcusable as it really drags the whole experience down (Londo ruins is the same).

    Demon's souls, while it had its fair share of problems also was a way, way more polished effort compared to this :(

    BlightTown is just horrendous I'm sure the framerate hits the single digits.

    /on way out of door

    Try re-loading in BT at the first bonfire (should be campfire! :p) this improves framerate, Neogaf have reported (allegedly) a second patch has been wheeled out in Japan to fix framerate and other issues.

    Before you hit BT make sure you have the Rust ring from the ayslum, return visit access the crows nest from Firelink.

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