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    quote]Ironlungs76 wrote:
    Re Anor Londo:
    I got sucked into the Painted World unexpectedly yesterday, once again a lovely area visually, if a little tough (those bird-things did so much damage to my poor Wanderer).

    I didn't tackle the poison dragon and I ran back through to return to Anor Londo rather than fight the woman at the end of the area. Not sure if I can return to kill what I left alone later, presumably so?!

    Anyhow, doing that area net me well over 80k souls and some nice new gear. Fantastic stuff, very unexpected!
    This is one of my favorite zones in the game, all the bosses here are a walk over so don't feel intimidated about going back and taking them down, the only real pain in the neck are the pinwheel skeletons in the basement. Priscella the boss at the end drops a very very nice dagger if you lop off her tail and you can also get the fabulous cleric gear (church) and a full set of Velka's Armor and rapier at the well bottom, plus dark ember is on the fossilised blacksmith also in the church, while here you can also pick up the duel invasion soapstone from the tower, there is a glitch involving the dragon, after you kill him, half his body remains on the end of the parapet, to shift it, just jump attack it. Oh and as mentioned you get a ton of souls per visit!
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