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    f00b_inc wrote:
    Good night last night! Dominated the Black Knights in Undead Burg. Smashed the Gaping Dragon (thanks deadkarl813!) too :-) 3rd time lucky

    Now I'm hugely put off Blightown by all the comments here (although the Depths weren't as bad as people made out!) Can anyone clue me in to the shortcut spoken of earlier? I tried Valley of Drakes via Darkroot but ran across a bridge only to find a big portcullis (and death)! No shortcut to BT... :-(

    Don't be put off by BT!

    BT is actually another of my fav zones, once you get the rust ring from the ayslum the swamp is a doddle and equipped with the spider shield poison isn't anthing to worry about either, just watch out for the demons with blowdarts, they will spoil your day (very very high powered poison), though once they are dead they stay dead, some of the best armour ingame can be found in BT especially if your going with a dex/stealth class.

    If you really need to avoid it, go down to New Londo and take the path right, go up and open the gate (master key) to the valley of the drakes, once through the gate, cross the bridge, vier right and head down the tunnel, this will avoid most of BT but will also mean you miss a lot of good gear/souls etc. Remember you do have to traverse BT at some point to progress through the game, this will also lead you to ceaseless discharge and the awesome witch king of angmar/reaper armour :p.

    Right now i really must get back to work! lol
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