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  • Tatonker 19 Oct 2011 11:02:18 6 posts
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    Felt like I made a lot of progress last night!

    So, after the encouragement about taking on the Capra Demon I got yesterday, nailed him first try! You're right about high enough END and just blocking. Worked a treat.

    Then ploughed through most of the Depths I think, must have been a bit cocky as took me 3 attempts at the first Butcher, then managed to fall down a hole, get cursed and died with about 6k souls on me. Anyway, managed to fight my way back into the Depths, fell down a different hole in a completely different part of the sewers miles away from where my old souls were lying, and being cursed now I was creeping through the area jumping at every sound! Eventually found my souls, found an awesome ring, found the vendor outside the boss (I think) and found the bonfire. At this point, I had enough souls to lift the curse and managed to stumble out of the Depths and make it back to Firelink Shrine. Will attempt the boss tonight.... bring it!
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