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    I'm loving this game. Couldn't get into Demons Souls but this has completely sucked me in and I've barely played many games this year. One thing is annoying me a bit though...

    I just did Ornstein and Smough with the help of white phantoms. But the white phantoms absolutely annihilated them. When I tried soloing them I was getting owned but these guys pretty much finished them for me. What's annoying is aren't white phantoms about the same level as me? I'm SL57 Knight

    Vitality 27
    Attune 10
    End 26
    Str 32
    Dex 12
    Res 10
    Int 10
    Faith 11

    I just wondered why these guys seemed so much stronger than me? I always go for pure melee in RPGs so I'm pretty sure my points are being used in the right areas (although I've heard the stuff about scaling). It's not like I'm particularly bad at the game although I don't have a Demons Souls background to help me, I've pretty much solo'd every other boss. I've gone for the black iron armour with a lightning spear +3. Should I use lighter armour until my endurance is higher? A different weapon? The gold Lautrec armour doesn't seem to bad? Any tips or help would be great!
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