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    Level 70 and I still absolutely can not beat O&S in Anor Londo.

    You can wuss out like I did and use up some humanity and summon a phantom to help. Makes the fight a doddle
    Where do I find him/her?
    Well, he's sitting at the nearby bonfire but I assume if you go to the fog door outside the O & S fight there'll be a summon sign nearby?

    Unfortunately, I'm out of humanity, can't beat this fight and can't face getting past those sniper knight fuckers outside again if I go back to try and find some elsewhere. Is there a shortcut nearby? Was really tired last night so probably not at my best, but I really ran out of patience at this point. Will have another go tonight as I'm determined not to let this game beat me though.
    In that large main hall you can go and open the front doors of the castle (opposite end to the white light door) with a large and very obvious lever.

    You can also cut through one of the sides of the hall (high up) to where the blacksmith is and open a side door to the front of the castle near some gargoyle demons.
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