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    Ironlungs76 wrote:
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    Finished my first playthrough yesterday. Took me 80 (!!) hours, at SL72. NG+ is so much fun in the beginning, you are so powerful. One hour later I had rang the first bell, an hour more and I had completed the Depths, killed the titanite demon and butterfly and opened the seal door. This took me pretty much 20 hours the first time...

    I know it will become tougher but Iam enjoying feeling bad-ass for a change. This time I am even running unhollowed for the vast majority of the time. Will need to up my vitality some (at 21 now) because everything hits HARD.
    Sounds pretty much identical to my SL and time played at the end of the 1st playthrough and up to 2nd bell I blasted through too. Anor Londo has firmly put me back though so prepare for a hard time against O&S and invaders aplenty!
    Yeah, can't wait! I actually think I have the O&S fight down to science, and since I have that crazy shield that does shocking damage bosses just seem to drop on my command. But I can see greatly increased damage screwing up my best intentions.

    Had some invasions yesterday, but the shield made quick work of them. Probably lucky to get inexperienced fighters, maybe because of my relatively low SL, can they still be in the first playthrough?
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