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    M83J01P97 wrote:
    Pinewood_Groves wrote:
    I'm right at the end, getting annoyed by the last boss. He just seems to attack relentlessly with little to no windows to attack him.
    I've figured out that he's weak to fire but don't seem to get the chance to attack, and his attacks take off masses of stamina. I have no humanity and am getting fed up with slogging through that massive area with 5 easy, but time-consuming, knights before getting to him. Any way to beat him? Including cheating/glitching?

    I'm not even annoyed here, as I was with O&S (but was still determined to beat them), just bored. I've really enjoyed Dark Souls, and don't want it to be another game that I just can't be arsed to beat the last boss on.
    I'm guessing you have no Sorceries to hand? He seems to be weaker to magic than fire.
    Oh yeah, no magic. I have a really good crossbow though :/
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