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    From the Eurogamer review:
    If action is to test your skill in thrilling situations, then Dark Souls is a great action game. If adventure is to surprise and mystify you and invite you to uncover the secrets of a forgotten world, then Dark Souls is a great adventure game.
    Questions from a prospective buyer:

    1-Action: Is it about skill, or about repetition and patience?
    It seems most online combat videos are about:
    -waiting for opponent to attack triggering a lengthy animation, dodging, circling to his back and stabbing him;
    -using path-finding glitches to deal with enemies one by one;
    -using other glitches like getting as close as possible to a boss to avoid being hit, when it would, in theory, make much more sense to avoid direct confrontation.

    2-Adventure: What are these "secrets of a forgotten world"?
    Information about the world seems to be scarce (judging from the reviews), puzzles aren't part of the menu, so what is the adventure aspect about? Interesting locations? Items? Enemies? Getting out of a labyrinthine location?


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