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    Kay - congrats - he's possibly the biggest pain in the arse in the game until you start to be able to take things down comfortably after levelling.

    Plain sailing now! :-)
    Knight Archers of Anor Londo say HI! ;-P
    Christ, I just did that yesterday.

    I was beginning to think From did so well in making the game bastard hard but always fair. No cheapness at all.

    Well, until those fucking cheap cunts anyway. That bit Made Ninja Gaiden 2's Master Ninja mode look like it was playing one-handed giving you a chance...
    Heh, I did that bit yesterday too! I think I must of got lucky as I only died a couple of times on that bit.

    I'm now stuck inside Anor Londo though - I'm determined to beat a one legged demon thing (in a room with an altar) but cant seem to chip any significant damage off him - is there any point in killing him? - the room seems empty....

    Loving the fact that the knights aren't clever enough to open doors - makes for some amusing benny hill moments as you sprint to a door chased by knights only to slam the door in their faces :)
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