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    I'm now stuck inside Anor Londo though - I'm determined to beat a one legged demon thing (in a room with an altar) but cant seem to chip any significant damage off him - is there any point in killing him? - the room seems empty....
    He certainly takes a lot of damage. You can keep ducking out of the room to Estus though, he won't follow. He drops a Demon Titanite chunk.

    Loving the fact that the knights aren't clever enough to open doors - makes for some amusing benny hill moments as you sprint to a door chased by knights only to slam the door in their faces :)
    Heh, never thought to try that!
    Cheers, I might come back to him later then when I'm a bit more levelled. I thought the altar might be the 'sunlight altar' as somebody mentioned I needed to find this to join the sunlight convenant.

    Regarding the doors - it works but you have to be carefull not to stand in front of the door after you close it - they cant open it but their spears/swords can still hit you through it! err, as I found out! (I suppose they had the last laugh in that respect! lol)
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