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    monkman76 wrote:
    MattyB2007 wrote:
    On to NG++ now. God knows why! PvP in the cat covenant area is what it's all about. Made over a million souls in few hours of playing!
    Are you in the covenant, or being invaded by people in the covenant? My NG+ character is in the covenant but every time I invade I seem to be up against a pair of absolute monsters (yes, the invadee always has a mate in there!) and get slaughtered within seconds every time. Any tips?
    What level are you? No not in the covenant, I'm in the Darkwraith still but have sinned so I can get invaded. I usually just go in as a human and summon a helper or do the helping myeelf or if your in the darkmoon covenant its a goof place to invade from. I use the silver knight outfit with the artorias sword and black knight shield. My magiis good for when it hits as well!
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