#8586900, By Vyggo Dark Souls

  • Vyggo 10 Apr 2012 21:28:21 445 posts
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    Playing the game as a barbarian now, only wearing a loincloth and two handing a claymore. Just rang the second bell, and so far it's not been that hard. Have to get used to not having a shield though, trying to block as little as possible. Really like the moveset of the Claymore, might switch to a 2h axe once I get one for the real barbarian feeling.

    Also started a hunter and trying to focus on a longbow, but the rapier I got for her is so much fun to use too.

    This game just keeps on giving. Only character I tried and didn't enjoy was my pure sorcerer. Spells are a little too finicky for my taste, really hard to predict if something is going to hit a moving target or not.
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