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    Cheers matey :)

    Thanks to all for help and assistance - going for the achievements now methinks. And I can read any and all spoilers at last.

    I started a new character the other day to sesh with Buz and Kinky and was truly embarrassed to see the 'sprint' control being shown in the first 5 secs. I must have been truly smashed the day I started it lol.

    Also noticed Mr Stray 'MF' Demon wandering around in the bars right as you walk out of your cell. Marvelous.

    Be seeing him again soon methinks.

    I think, ultimately for me, Gwyn was the most annoying of all bosses....I ended up farming the knights on the approach to him to upgrade all my tattered cloth's & the dark knight shield to survive and even then I still had problems timing my parry's - I think I'll practice 'Katy Parry'ing on everything coming my way.


    Gave me the same satisfaction in completing it (near the end of the 360's cycle) as Ninja Gaiden did towards the end of the original XBOX cycle.

    EPIC :D
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