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    Oh wow. I feel sort of bad, but also can't stop giggling. I was summoned for the very first time in The Depths. We were navigating through the very narrow sewer passages, when my friend turned the corner, stopped, and reversed. I couldn't get around him. He repeated the motion a handful of times, with me desperately trying to find a way through -. Running from side-to-side, rolling, etc, I couldn't understand why he was being a bit of a jerk, especially as I should be leading as the phantom and all!

    I eventually got round him by running to the end of the corridor, then pegging it straight at him, jumping, then rolling. Yes, you fucker, I thought, as I turned the corner, fell down a hole, into a den of 4 curse squirters...

    Oh. He was trying to stop me from diving into a trap. He then follows me down, straight into a mass ambush, and promptly dies and gets cursed, as I stand to the side, shifting from foot to foot. Awkward.
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