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    henro_ben wrote:
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    So I just died in Queelag's (?) Lair - the one with the sexy babe attached to a HUGE HAIRY 8 LEGGED PERVERSION OF NATURE. Only tried the once and got skewered, but think this'll be one of the easier boss battles. I think I get how he works... unfortunately I've now re-spawned back at the Blight Town bonfire. That's a long trek all the way back down to the swamp. Is there a closer bonfire?
    That's where I'm planning on heading to tonight, but I found the bonfire late last night and decided to stop there.
    When you come down the ramp into the swamp head sharp right , towards the big pillar - there's a cave/drainage tunnel just past it on the right hand side with a bonfire in it.
    Okily dokily, thank you! Am I liable to be poisoned running through that tunnel? I'm wearing the dark armour set that reduces poison, but I can still only be in the water for about 8 seconds...
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