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    Wow, Sen's Fortress. Once I got to the roof, it was fantastic. Took down fire bomb lobber and the rolly boulder chap, then died at the Iron Golem. Shame boulder guy resoawns, but cage shortcut takes all the pain away if I ever want to repeat the area. My 3rd attempt QR the Iron Giant, I equipped my best physical defence garb, used some fire resin on my rapier, and just pegged it st him. As he threw, well, whatever he throws I jumped and rolled so he missed, and I just started whaling at his legs. At this part he's still standing on the bridge. I keep rolling and slicing until he's stunned. And then I just go to town. 1/3rd of his health bar down and HE FALLS OFF THE BRIDGE. He just stumbles backwards and off. Love it!

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