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    mcmothercruncher wrote:
    Hmmm, I've an Occult Balder +5 and a Balder +14 and the stock weapon does noticeably more damage "in the field", as it were. My faith is at 50 and Dex at 40 now. It may not be long before you get to that point then if you continue to pump Dex.

    Came across this:

    A Dark Souls level by level checklist. Pretty neat :)
    There is one big problem with that list, a level 1-5 character could not run through the Valley of Drakes as it suggests. The path after the undead dragon is blocked by a Drake and then the guide casually goes on to suggest killing the Black Knight at the bottom of Darkroot Basin... It's basically detailing the hardest way of getting to the first boss.
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