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    I really love the Souls community. Such a friendly bunch of people on the whole, and completely regardless of nationality too.

    Today for example was genuinely weird. I had a Japanese player invade me and just bowed repeatedely and then started doling out free Soul of a Brave Hero items.I felt bad for him giving a bunch of decent items for no reason so dropped a few Humanities on the ground for him. He tried (but obviously failed being the invader and all) to take out a few AI mobs for me, until I died against the Anor Londo Titanite demon.

    Following that I got invaded by a lovely German gamer who stated he didn't want to fight but needed help with Nito.

    Properly weird experiences, but it shows that the community in general is amazing and far removed from the likes of most deathmatch games which are all about animosity. Most PvP fights are now punctuated with honourable bows before combat starts, with only a select few using it as an opportunity for an easy backstab.

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