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    Dex weapon of choice for me is and always will be my beloved Uchi +15. You can use buffs unlike the Fury Sword, which elevates its dps far far above any other non two-handed weapon when over 30 dex, even more than the FS with a full stock of humanity.

    I have two dex builds, one of them dex/faith and one dex/int. Sunlight Blade takes it to 712 with 40 dex and 32 faith, and Crystal Magic Weapon buffs it to between 650 and 700 when over 30 dex and int. You also have access to all the resins if you run out of castings before you can get to the next bonfire, which rarely happens if you use the Lingering Dragon Ring.

    Plus it has the super useful R2/RT thrust attack and crazy range on regular R1/RB attacks for a quick sword.

    Kicks the FS's arse imo.

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